10 Best Cheap 9×12 Area Rugs Under $200 in 2021 (With Picture)

Last Updated on December 25, 2020

People who love to decorate their home never miss out beautiful rugs. They the complete look of the entire room by giving a touch of elegance. Be it your bedroom, kitchen, living room or bathroom, there are so many different types of rugs for each space. And today we are particularly focusing on 9X12 area rugs.

Rug size of 9X12 is ideal for medium to large rooms. They are not too small or nor too large for rooms up to 200-250 sq feet. You can easily place a sofa, chair and other furniture over 9X12 area rugs. They make the perfect rug for living area, bedroom and study room. Plus, you get a variety of styles and patterns to match them with your living space. But the real struggle is to find the best 9×12 rug under budget.

No doubt you’ll come across hundreds of products while searching for cheap rugs. But not every product is worth your hard earned money. And of course, you’ll not like a carpet that wears out just after few days of use. So it is better to invest in a good quality carpet rather than settling for cheap quality. But good quality does not mean you will have to spend a huge amount of dollars as you can get some great quality 9X12 area rugs under $200.

However, before you jump to rugs reviews, here are some of the quick mention that you can buy right now:

Unique LoomCheck on Amazon
Safavieh Check on Amazon
Unique LoomCheck on Amazon
Safavieh Check on Amazon
Safavieh Check on Amazon
RUGPADUSA Check on Amazon
Safavieh Check on Amazon
Unique LoomCheck on Amazon
iCustomRug Check on Amazon
Safavieh Check on Amazon

1. Unique Loom Modern Plush Taupe Area Rug 9×12

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High traffic area needs a tough quality product that will not wear out within a short period of time. And if you’re buying a rug for high traffic area then Unique Loom is best to go for. Its 1-inch thickness is fluffy enough to give you luxurious feel as soon as you step onto it. Such thickness is perfect especially if you have kids or pets at home.

The polypropylene material of rug is easy to clean as well as is stain resistant. Just vacuum it regularly to keep the surface clean. And in case of spot or stain, use a mild carpet cleaner to wash away stains. This stain-resistant quality makes it suitable to use in the dining area.

It comes in more than 20 beautiful colors to match it with your living space. While dark color is best for populated areas, you can select light colors for study room. And as it is waterproof, you do not need to worry even if it gets wet. Simply hang it on a sturdy clothesline and let it dry naturally. Such easy maintenance of this 9X12 area rug makes it best for children and pets.

Why we like it:
  • Perfect for high traffic areas like the living room, dining area, etc(1).
  • Waterproof material and stain-resistant quality makes it ideal to use in a playroom
  • The 1-inch plush thickness of material gives a rich, luxurious feel
  • Vacuuming the surface is enough to keep it away from mold and mildew build up
  • You get more than 20 color choices
  • Its simple yet elegant look will definitely enhance the beauty of the room

2. Safavieh MAD611B Bohemian Chic Distressed Area Rug 9 x 12

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Make a statement by placing Safavieh Madison rug in your living room. This multicolored 9X12 area rug with bohemian pattern will surely catch the attention of your guests. In addition, colors on the carpet are not too bright to hide the beauty of geometric patterns. Thus, these Madison collection rugs are perfect for people who seriously care about the interior of the room.

Color combination of product easily hides vomit or poop stains on the rug. And this quality makes it best rug for dogs or pets. Even if it gets dirty, it is very easy to clean the product. All you need to do is reverse the carpet, select beater bar mode on vacuum and vacuum backside of the rug. This way you’ll get clean rug surface without much shedding of fibers.

The pile height of 0.375 inches is not too thick to give you plush comfort. But it is great to use in entryways and living room because of its sleek design. In addition, low pile height means less shedding of fibers. And low shedding is ideal to use in high-traffic areas of the home as you do not have to clean up a huge mess.

Why we like it:
  • Bohemian chic design of the product will add a touch of elegance no matter where you lay it
  • The pattern on surface brilliantly hides way dirty stains of your dog’s poop or vomit
  • The sleek look of the item is best suitable for hallways or living areas
  • Refined power-loomed construction ensures precise details and quality of product
  • With over 1000 positive reviews it stands as top quality area rugs on Amazon
  • Available in 5 different pattern and color combinations to match it with your room’s interior

3. Unique Loom 3134095 Beige Rectangle Area Rug 9×12

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Want to give your bedroom a different look? Then nothing can be better than adding this 9X12 area vintage rug. This traditional looking product compliments almost every style of decor. You’ll not have to think much before hitting the buy now button as it will look just elegant. But wait, it has much more to offer apart from its beautiful vintage look.

The unique loom 9X12 rectangle rug is 1/4-inch thick. Therefore, making it suitable for kids room. Plus, such thickness gives a soft and plush feel as soon as you step in it. No need to worry about stains or dirt marks as it is resistant to stains. So let your baby enjoy favorite fruits on the soft carpet as cleaning it is no big deal.

This unique loom 3134095 is a waterproof rug which is perfect if you have dogs in your home. This not only keeps the surface area clean but also helps to dry the carpet fast. Further, the selection of high-quality materials during built-up does not trigger skin allergies. And these quality materials also accounts for low maintenance and long lasting performance.

Why we like it:
  • Traditional vintage area rug gives a rich and luxurious feel
  • No need to worry about your pet wetting the carpet as it is waterproof as well as stain-resistant
  • Regular vacuuming is good enough to keep rug looking brand new
  • The quality construction of the product makes it worth the money
  • The 1/4-inch thickness of the material is safe for kids to play onto
  • You get a total of 9 colors for 9×12 rug size

4. Safavieh MAD600C Bohemian Chic Paisley Area Rug (9′ x 12′)

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Durability is what we wish when we invest a good amount of money on such products. And if you’re in search of a durable 9×12 rugs then here’s a product for you. The Safavieh Madison rug collection is not only beautiful but durable. All thanks to its high-quality polypropylene pile fibers that elongate the life of the item. Therefore, which is perfect for high-populated areas of the home.

Speaking of materials, this Safavieh rug is not entirely made of polypropylene. In fact, the fiber contents are made of 65% polypropylene, 21% jute, 7% polyester and 7% cotton. And a mixture of such materials does not make it too warm during summers. Moreover, its pile height of 0.5 inches is good enough to provide you a soft base.

Light grey color in combination with vintage patterns on surface compliments variety of room decor. It looks extremely beautiful with traditional, contemporary and shabby chic styles of decor. In short, it is a 9 X 12 area rug under $200 that gives much rich feel than its actual price tag.

Why we like it:


  • Combination of colors and pattern gives a rich designer look
  • The product is not made of polypropylene entirely and consists of other materials as well
  • It is perfect to use all around the year
  • While dark color like fuchsia goes well in crowded areas of the home, silver and cream color are best to use in under a toddlers bed
  • Power loom construction is the reason behind its solid durability
  • Made in turkey with quality craftsmanship

5. Safavieh Adirondack Collection ADR109C Oriental Vintage Distressed Area Rug 9×12 Under $200

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Vintage looking rug never fails to give your room decor an extraordinary touch. And if you’re a fan of vintage distressed rugs then you might love this product from Safavieh. The beautiful distress patterns on the surface create a trendy vintage appeal. And fine details which beautifully blends with the traditional bedroom decor.

Similar to many other products on the review list, this Safavieh 9×12 Adirondack rug has polypropylene as its primary material. Fibers of such material are virtually non-shedding. Thus, which makes the rug best for high traffic areas such as a living room or dining area.

One downside of Safavieh Adirondack carpet is its pile height. Its low 0.375 inches of pile height is not sufficient to provide a soft feel. It is more like a hand-woven carpet. But on the positive side, low profile of product seamlessly fits beneath the furniture. While quality construction ensures no wrinkles or creases on the surface.

Why we like it:
  • The unique oriental pattern with fine detailing gives a royal touch
  • Do not worry about product’s durability as its sturdy construction is meant to last for years
  • It is a breeze to place furniture over carpet because of its low 0.375-inch profile
  • The polypropylene fibers are virtually non-shedding
  • It comes perfectly wrapped in heavy-duty plastic sheets
  • Selection of colors is such that it will not give faded look even after heavy usage

6. RUGPADUSA 9’x12′ Floor Protection Under Rugs Combo

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One common problem with low profile 9X12 area rugs is they tend to slip on hardwood floors. And this is not safe especially if there are kids or pregnant women in the house. Sometimes it even leads to serious injuries. So to prevent such incidents you must either buy thick rugs or look for anti-slip rubber on the bottom. However, thick 9X12 area rugs are too expensive and might not suit everyone’s budget.

So the best solution is to add floor protection under rugs. But you do not need to buy the protection separately as RugPadUSA comprises of natural rubber backing. This rubber backed rugs from RugPadUSA prevents the product from sliding, bunching, and wrinkling in high traffic areas. Thus, you can worry free place them over hardwood floors, tiles, and other such smooth floor surfaces.

Upper layer of felt material is composed of different types of fibers such as cotton, wool, jute, etc. Do not worry about the material quality as it is a green label certified. This certification indicates that the rug is hypoallergenic, low on VOC’s and contributes to LEED credits. In short, it is completely safe for office and residential use.

Why we like it:
  • Your feet will feel the softness of the product as soon as you step on it all because of its 1/2-inch thickness
  • Its low VOC emission makes it an excellent rug for living room, bedroom, and kids room
  • You get the benefit of both felt carpet and rubber backing under 200 dollars
  • Rubber grip on back prevents the product from slipping or creasing
  • Safe to use on all types of floor
  • The 3 padding options are 1/2-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/4-inch
  • You can trim rug pad with household scissors in case it does not fit carpet correctly

7. Safavieh ADR101B-9 Adirondack Oriental Vintage Distressed Area Rug 9×12

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Here comes another Adirondack area rug from Safavieh. Brilliantly crafted in turkey, the alluring patterns on the surface along with a touch of vintage will enhance the beauty of area no matter where you rest it. This versatile style of product easily goes with a traditional bedroom, dining room or living room decor.

It is not necessary that all people love the traditional decor. So Safavieh gives you the option to choose from distressed, modern and contemporary 9X12 area rugs. However, the profile of all items is low measuring nearly 0.375 inches. Which does not provide extreme softness but serves the purpose of a good carpet. And due to such a sleek design, it becomes easy for the user to slide it under furniture.

Just like other Safavieh 9 x 12 rugs on the list, the primary material of this product is also polypropylene. The fibers remain correctly in place even if you place it in a high traffic area. It will undoubtedly protect your hardwood floor from ugly spots. While its stunning ivory and silver color hides dirt marks and stains.

Why we like it:
  • High-quality material ensures a long life for the rug
  • Latex-free composition of the product makes it safe to use in kids playroom
  • Crafted in Turkey, this piece will surely mix with the traditional style of living spaces
  • It is extremely easy to clean the rug at home by regular vacuuming
  • Comes wrapped in heavy plastic in order to prevent damage during transportation
  • The low profile makes it perfect for a dining area where you can place a dining table and chairs over it

8. Sofia Collection Traditional Vintage Area Rug 9×12 Rectangle

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A round shaped rug is loved by many people and why not, as it looks beautiful on almost all type of floors. But the main problem with it is, they come in small sizes. And placing such a small piece of fabric on the floor will definitely ruin the look of the entire room. But what if you get evergreen circular patterns on a 9×12 rectangle area rug? Not only will it satisfy your need for around carpet but will cover a large area beautifully.

The unique loom 3138680 Sofia collection vintage rugs with large circular patterns are perfect for indoor use. This unique, soft round pattern easily mixes with contemporary dining area or bedroom. Plus, you get a variety of colors to choose an appropriate one for specific areas of the home. A dark color is great for high traffic areas while a soft natural rug color is best for nursery.

Spot cleaning is recommended in case of accidental spilling or staining. You must only use a mild shampoo or carpet cleaner to remove odd stain from the surface. And make sure to dry it immediately and evenly after cleaning the spot as fibers might not stay in place if it remains wet for a longer period of time.

Why we like it:
  • Round patterns on rug surface give it a pretty look that complements contemporary and modern decor
  • The material is stain, mold and mildew resistant which makes it completely safe to use in the kids room
  • Regular vacuuming is enough to keep dust mites away
  • You get 10 different color choices with a circular pattern
  • Size and thickness of the rug is best for large rooms

9. iCustomRug Reversible Felt Rug and Pad 9X12 Combo – Fits Perfect Under Any Area Rug Or Runner

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As a parent, you always look for ways to protect your children from injury. And not to mention but playing on hard floors also cause some serious injuries. So the best way to protect your kid from hardwood floors or tile surface is by placing a thick rug. But you need to pay a good amount of money for high pile rugs as their fibers are long. However, it is not feasible for everyone to afford such an expensive product. So the best alternative to that is rug pad.

Place a rug pad beneath the carpet to get the desired thickness. The padding acts like cushion surface and makes your low profile rug much more safe for kids. Speaking of which, the iCustomRug is made of recycled synthetic latex and polypropylene. It is completely eco-friendly with no use of harmful chemicals.

Reversible feature of this 9 X 12 felt rug pad makes it worth buying. You can place latex side down for hard-floors. While the felt side is ideal to use on carpet floors. Both sides help prevent slipping and creasing. So no matter what type of flooring you have in your home, this sturdy product will keep all your family members from tripping over the carpet.

Why we like it:
  • Great product to have especially if you’ve kids or pets
  • Works great on all types of surfaces such as carpet, vinyl, laminate, etc
  • It is reversible with one side of latex and another one of felt material
  • You can easily trim the 9X12 area rug pad according to carpet size with the help of scissors
  • Adds little thickness to your low profile rug

10. Safavieh Vintage Hamadan Collection VTH211A Multi Area Rug 9′ x 12′  Under $200

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Last on our best 9X12 rug review list comes to another Safavieh product. This vintage Hamadan collection with timeless design is just perfect to finish your traditional room decor. Credit goes to the traditional Heriz-style patterns on the surface of the carpet. Such design gives an authentic look and feel of a traditional oriental rug. You will definitely love to have this product in your room if have taste in old and classic styles.

Not just the pattern, but the selection of colors also makes it look rich and luxurious. With the majority of red color and hints of blue, black and orange, it will catch the attention of your guests. And you’ll definitely get a lot of compliments from your friends and family. In short, it is an expensive looking product with an affordable price tag.

The pile height of 0.5-inch is good enough to make your feet feel soft as you walk over it. Whereas, jute weft backing holds polypropylene fibers in place. The fibers are long and virtually non-shedding which means you can use a good vacuum cleaner on the surface of the rug without any hassle.

Why we like it:
  • Brilliant pattern along with a selection of colors makes this affordable rug look rich and authentic
  • Its dense 100% polyester pile accounts for the softness of the surface
  • Vibrant colors complete the classic look of the product
  • It is an excellent rug for high-traffic areas of the home
  • Unlike others, it features jute weft backing
  • Low maintenance and high durability makes it worth the money

One can use them as a carpet rug for different types of furniture. Take a look at our furniture reviews if you want to add it in your living room or outdoors of your home.

For compact places, you can try 5×8 rugs or similarly increase or decrease the size of the carpet according to the need.


Now that you have a list of some of the best 9×12 area rugs you might be wondering why people invest in such products? Or what are the benefits of using area rugs?

An area rug does much more than completing your room decor. They are well known for noise reduction. People often use carpet to minimize the noise of footsteps. The small fibers on surface absorb noise and make your living space more comfortable.

They are best to use during cold seasons because of their tendency to remain warm. People often place them near a fireplace, basement, and bedroom during winters. The fibers retain heat and prevent your feet from getting chilly during snowy winter nights.

Many eco-friendly and hypoallergenic rugs help people with airborne allergies. Again the fibers on the surface of carpet trap tiny airborne particles. Plus, it is very easy to the surface using a vacuum cleaner. As a result, it helps a lot to people having breathing issues.

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