#9 Best Lasko Tower Fan in 2021 (Complete Review + Buyer’s Guide)

Best Lasko Tower Fan Reviews

Last Updated on December 25, 2020

As soon as summers arrive and air around gets a little warm, all we seek is a cool breeze. Yes, it is a well-known fact that nothing can cool down the room like an air conditioner. But you should not remain inside air-conditioned rooms for long periods as it might cause some serious health issues. So we have a cheap, feasible and reliable alternative. Tower fans are best to keep heat and sweat at bay during summers. And with so many options available, it might get hard for you to find a perfect model. So we’re here with our 9 best Lasko tower fan reviews.

Now you might be wondering why we are focusing solely on Lasko tower fans? No doubt there are other good tower fan brands but Lasko holds a special place. It is because of their quality construction throughout many years. Lasko is making home-related products for many years from now. Throughout these years, they have gained control over their products and knows exactly what a user wants. And these experience of Lasko made us include their products in the review list.

Top Lasko Tower Fans Of 2021 – Comparison Table

Tower FanSpeed SettingsTower HeightPrice
Lasko T429503 Quiet Speeds 42 Inch
Lasko 49303 Powerhouse Speeds35 Inch
Lasko Oscillating 25103 Quiet Speeds 36 Inch
Lasko 4000 Air2 Quiet Speeds 14 Inch
Lasko 25353 Quiet Speeds 52 Inch
Lasko AC6154 Quiet Speeds 36 Inch
Lasko 25193 Quiet Speeds 38 Inch
Lasko 25053 Quiet Speeds 36 Inch
Lasko T245003 Quiet Speeds 24 Inch

1. Lasko T42950 Wind Curve Tower Fan with Remote Control and Fresh Air Ionizer (42 Inch)

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Space saving design of Lasko T42950 wind curve tower fan is perfect for small spaces. But in spite of its small size, it offers great performance. It features 3 quiet speeds with widespread and optional oscillation for maximum air delivery. All the control buttons are present on the top of the tower fan. You can either change controls manually or with the help of remote. Yes, it does include remote control using which you can set a timer, speed, etc.

Do you often misplace remote control? Then you’ll love Lasko’s onboard remote control storage that conveniently places remote. This, in turn, reduces chances of misplacing as well as increases user comfort. Moreover, the weight of the unit is nearly about 14 pounds which is not too heavy to lift. In fact, it comprises of a built-in carry handle that eases transporting unit from one place to another.

Thanks to its fresh air ionizer technology that boosts air quality by emitting negative ions. This feature is very helpful for people having dust allergies. Just turn on ionizer option to reduce static electricity from the air. In addition, it also traps fine air pollutants such as pollen, dust, mold, etc. In short, this tower fan from Lasko does the work of both oscillating air and improving air quality. And this makes it stand first on your best tower fans review list.


  • Clear instruction makes it easy for you to assemble the product in under 15 minutes
  • You get 4 beautiful color choices to match with your room’s interior
  • Includes remote control for conveniently operating unit from a certain distance
  • Its space-saving design needs less storage space
  • A built-in handle on top allows carrying unit conveniently from one room to another
  • Supply of current automatically shuts off if the unit detects any hazardous electric fault
  • Onboard storage space for remote control reduces chances of misplacing it
  • It is among one of the top-rated tower fans with over 6500 positive reviews


  • None

2. Lasko 4930 Oscillating High-Velocity Tower Fan with Remote Control – Features Built-in Timer and Louvered Air Flow Control

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A small unit might not provide enough cooling for a large area. And if you’re planning to keep or use your unit in large living spaces then you must look for velocity. So here we have Lasko 4930 high-velocity tower fan which is perfect to use for large rooms such as bedroom, garage, living room, etc. The credit behind its excellent air velocity goes to high-power motor present inside the unit. This motor starts blowing powerful air in no time so that you can remain sweat-free while exercising or cooking.

Apart from offering great oscillation, Lasko 4930 features directional louvers. While oscillation helps in supplying air side by side, louvers direct air up or down according to your need. So in short, it is an excellent tower fan by Lasko if you’re planning to use it in various type of rooms. Just like the above model, this one also comprises of 3-speed settings. In case you forget about settings, then not to worry as fan’s led display lets you know about current settings. Not only does this increase user comfort but it also enhances the beauty of the entire unit.

Auto shut-off feature of Lasko tower fan with remote is ideal for night time use. It allows you to program automatic shut down of fan after 1,2 or 4 hours. This, in turn, saves electricity as well as lets you enjoy a sound sleep. Whereas, patented safety fuse technology makes Lasko 4930 safe to use. This technology uses fuse directly in the plug of the power cord. The supply of current automatically stops if it detects any potentially hazardous electric activity.


  • Built-in oscillation allows you to direct the flow of air from side to side
  • High-velocity blower fan features 3-speed settings, namely, low, medium and high
  • A built-in timer automatically shuts down unit after 1,2 or 4 hours
  • Led display on top of tower fan displays ongoing settings
  • You do not need to invest time on the assembly as it comes pre-assembled
  • Convenient carry handle on the back allows for easy transportation
  • Directional louvers help to direct the flow of air up, down or anywhere in between


  • It is a little loud for small rooms due to the high-velocity motor but not annoyingly loud

3. Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan – 36 Inch

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Is a small storage space stopping you from buying a tower fan? The sleek and slim design of Lasko 2510 will definitely impress you. While compact design lets you store unit in small spaces, its sleek appearance compliments modern interiors. Therefore, making it a perfect tower fan for small spaces. But wait, good looks and space-saving design are not only attractive features of Lasko 2510. There are some other wonderful functions that made us involve it in our best tower fans reviews.

First of all, the price of the product is not too high to burn a hole in your pocket. And this budget-friendly price tag makes it stand under best cheap tower fans by Lasko. But in spite of being inexpensive, it posses features like an expensive unit. And by that we mean, it offers 3 quiet speed settings along with the multi-functional remote. You can either change settings manually by pressing a button or with the help of wireless remote control.

Widespread oscillation of the product keeps you cool throughout the nighttime. On the other hand, the light weight of the unit along with built-in carry handle allows for easy room-to-room transfer. Besides that, small light above different function lets you know about the current setting. While red light informs about the timer, a green light indicates speed settings. So conclusively, it is easy to use, modern tower fan for daily use.


  • In spite of being inexpensive, it offers a lot of useful features
  • The slim and sleek design of the fan is ideal for small living spaces
  • 3 quiet speed settings do not generate high, disturbing noise even if the fan is on the highest setting
  • Lightweight and carry handle eases shifting of product from room to room
  • Red and green led lights to display ongoing functions
  • The programmable timer automatically shuts off the device as soon as the timer gets over
  • Quiet working makes it perfect for people looking for a good tower fan for night time use


  • Length of the power cord is comparatively short
  • Only 2 color choices

4. Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan For Small Room

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It is infeasible to place a large tower fan in small spaces. You might not benefit from long units especially if the area or room is too small. Not only will it generate more noise but you will have to make extra storage space. So for small areas such as an office desk or kitchen, we have Lasko 4000 small tower fan. The compact design of this product is best suitable for personal use. Simply plug in into a proper power outlet and enjoy the cool breeze of air.

Another benefit of having a personal tower fan is portability. You can carry the unit anywhere with you without carrying loads of weight. Speaking of weight, this small Lasko tower fan weights only 2.5 pounds which makes it highly portable. Plus the slim shape of the unit takes up less space on a desk or table. Therefore, you do not need to worry about space with this little yet powerful device.

The 14-inch tall Lasko 4000 features led to illuminated electronic controls. This includes 2 quiet speed setting along with oscillating function. However, it does not come with remote like other big models which is obvious. You basically do not need a remote control with this unit as it has a limited number of functions. But despite limited functions, it offers far-reach up to several feet. So one sure thing with this mini tower fan is you’ll keep getting the cool breeze without annoying noise.


  • The compact size of the product is best for personal use
  • The shape of this unit is such that it easily fits on an office desk or small kitchen countertop
  • You can start using it right after unboxing as it comes fully assembled
  • In spite of being inexpensive, it comprises of safety plug which increases user safety
  • Lighted, electronic controls enhance the beauty of the device
  • Lasko 4000 oscillating tower fan offers 2 fan speeds


  • Limited features because of small size
  • Not suitable for large rooms

5. Lasko 52″ Space-Saving Pedestal Tower Fan with Remote Control – Features Built-in Timer and Wide Spread Oscillation

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Wide oscillation is must if you’re planning to put tower fan in large living space or bedroom. So next on the review list we have Lasko 2535 pedestal tower fan with remote control. Even though it provides widespread oscillation, the cost of the unit is not too high to dig a hole in your pocket. In fact, you can get a cool breeze throughout the room without any annoying sound. Just turn on oscillation mode and feel the air moving gently side by side. Also, you can adjust louver to set the flow of air towards up, down or in between.

The wireless remote control allows you to operate and set functions of Lasko 2535 oscillating tower fan from quite a distance. This way you do not have to stand up every time you need to change the fan speed or other settings. Thus, enjoy the cool breeze of air by simply pushing buttons on the remote. Apart from that, led display panel on top of device makes it look beautiful. Not only does it enhance the beauty of the unit but it displays selected settings.

One thing we all expect from any quality tower fan is good cooling. And thanks to Lasko 2535 large oscillating tower fan’s one-touch sleep feature. This feature keeps the fan on for 6 continuous hours at low sleep. As a result, it cools down your bedroom for a good night’s sleep. If not sleep mode, you can always set a timer that will automatically shut down the unit after a certain period of time. The timer ranges from 1/2 hour to 7.5 hours with 1/2 hour increments.


  • Great for large living areas or bedrooms
  • 1-touch sleep feature keeps the fan on for 6 straight hours that eventually cools down your room
  • Offers large timer setting from 1/2 hour to 7.5 hours with half-hour increments
  • Pedestal style fan that covers a wide area as compared to blower fans
  • You can easily alter the height of the pole according to need
  • The large led display panel on top displays current/ongoing functions
  • You can access all the functions of tower fan from quite a distance using wireless remote


  • It is quite difficult to see led display from a distance(dim LED light)

6. Lasko Remote Control Bladeless Tower Fan – Best For Kids Room (AC615)

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Blades are the reason behind the great working of tower fans. But these blades does not sound safe when you have kids or pets around. So it becomes necessary for an adult to keep watch while a fan is on. Unfortunate accidents even happen under adult supervision. So it is best to buy a bladeless tower fan especially if you have children or pets at home. Therefore, you can comfortably place such units in a kids room without worrying about cuts or accidents.

A small yet powerful blower is present at the bottom of the machine which is not visible from outside. This motor draws in air from the bottom and throws upwards with a great force. As a result, it keeps you cool during hot sunny days. In fact, its patented blower technology produces 30% more airflow than a traditional tower fan. So you’ll never feel hot and sweaty as long as you keep this Lasko bladeless tower fan on.

Unlike the majority of models that consists of a maximum of 3 speeds, this one offers 4 quiet speed settings. Also, you get an option for oscillating air in case you need it. A bright led display panel shows current ongoing features. The brightness of the display panel automatically dims on the selection of the nighttime model. In addition, it sets fan on speed setting #4 for an hour then keeps on decreasing by 1 on hour’s interval. At last, it stays on the lowest setting until and unless you interact with the device.


  • Its patented blower technology throws 30% more air than traditional units
  • Absence of blades makes it best for people having kids or pets
  • Includes wireless remote to alter various setting from a distance
  • The bright light of display dims on the selection of nighttime mode which benefits people having light sensitivity
  • Lasko provides a 1-year limited warranty
  • Features an auto shut-off programmable 8-hour timer that automatically turns the unit off


  • It needs a bit more storage space due to its triangular design
  • Expensive because of bladeless technology

7. Lasko 3-Speed Wind Tower Fan with Remote Control

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Next, on Lasko tower fans review list we have a perfect product for small apartments or living spaces. All thanks to Lasko 2519’s space-saving design and powerful performance. While the compact size of the unit acquires less floor space, its powerful motor blows out air evenly and continuously. Thus, which eventually helps to keep you cool during summers by circulating air properly. Let us not forget to mention about its widespread oscillation that spreads air evenly from side to side.

In total, Lasko 2519 offers 3 quiet speed setting. The lowest setting is best to use during nighttime or bedtime as it produces very less sound. In case you wish to switch off the fan during the night then no need to stand up and unplug manually as a wireless remote control allows you to do the same with one press of a button. As a result, it increases user comfort by allowing them to change modes right from bed.

Weight of unit is nearly 10 pounds which makes it very easy to shift from one place to another. Even an elderly person can move it without much effort. Not just that, Lasko 2519 oscillating tower fan comprises of on-board remote storage. This way you’ll never misplace remote and struggle to find it later. In all terms, it is one of the best small tower fans by Lasko for small living areas.


  • The lightweight of product eases transportation from one room to other
  • Slim design occupies less floor space as well as easily fits in a small area
  • Onboard remote storage reduce chances of misplacing the remote control
  • The blue plug of Lasko makes the device more safe for the user by cutting off the power supply in case of an electric fault
  • It stands as an excellent cheap tower fan by Lasko for medium living spaces
  • Its wide-spread oscillation spreads air evenly from side to side for maximum cooling


  • Does not beep while changing the setting which might confuse some users
  • Hours of timer are less as compared with models of the same range

8. Lasko 36-Inch Remote Control Tower Fan with Ionizer

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Quality of air you breath matters a lot. Good quality air means less respiratory and skin problems. But it is not always necessary that air present indoors is best for inhaling. Many models simply draw in the same air and throw out with great velocity. Therefore, which means the number of tiny pollutants remains the same. And this might not be good news for people allergic to pollutants. So we have Lasko 2505 tower fan with an ionizer.

This optional ionizer feature increases the number of negative ions in the air. This, in turn, reduces static electricity as well as traps tiny air pollutants such as dust, mold, etc. As a result, it improves the quality of air and benefits people with dust allergies. In case you already have an air purifier at home, you can simply turn off ionizer mode. Speaking of mode, this Lasko remote control tower fan features 3 quiet speeds. All these modes produce very less amount of noise which makes it perfect to use during nighttime.

And similar to the majority of Lasko tower fans, this one also comes with wireless remote control. You can access all its features via remote from quite a distance. Similarly, a built-in carry handle allows for easy transportation. Whereas programmable timer offers automatic shut off after up to 7 hours. Thus, you can enjoy your good night’s sleep without any worries.


  • Budget-friendly price tag and excellent features make it worth the money
  • You just need to assemble base which hardly takes 15 minutes
  • The internal ionizer option traps tiny air pollutants as well as offers fresher air circulation
  • Offers 3 quiet speed settings out of which first 2 settings are suitable during nighttime use
  • A simple display panel on top informs about ongoing functions using different color led lights
  • Easy to transfer from one place to another due to its lightweight and built-in carry handle


  • Mostly body
  • Not too tall nor the height is adjustable

9. Lasko 24″ Tower Fan w/ Remote Cooling 2-Pack

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Our list of best tower fans by Lasko ends with Lasko T24500 24-inch tall unit. Unlike other models, it comes in a pack of two. Its compact size is great for small areas such as kitchen countertop, office desk or you can even use it inside RV. But don’t let the small size of the unit confuse you with its working abilities. In spite of compact design, it offers a wonderful flow of air. It even has a sturdy round base that helps the product remain steady on the highest setting.

The lowest setting of air is virtually silent and perfect for night use. It really helps people with sound sensitivity. And no need to stand up from bed in case you wish to increase speed. Thanks to the wireless remote control that allows users to change the settings with a simple press of buttons. Thus, you can sleep comfortably on your bed without getting sweaty during hot summer nights.

Lasko t24500 provides an option of oscillation that effectively circulates air from side to side. Furthermore, it offers 3-speed settings and a night mode. Also, you get the option to set timer ranging from 1/2 hour to 4 hours. This function automatically shuts down the unit as soon as the timer gets over. So conclusively, it is a user-friendly, sturdy and reliable product that will continue to keep you cool for years.


  • Perfect for small areas such as RV, boat, tabletop, etc
  • Includes remote with all options to change or set different functions
  • It remains virtually silent on lowest setting which is a big deal for many sensitive sleepers
  • Simple to carry, transport and store
  • Offers timer setting for uninterrupted night sleep


  • No led display
  • Comes in a pack of 2 or 3 only which makes it costly to buy

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Keep reading the basic buyer guide and cleaning tips which will help you with your tower fan.

How To Clean Lasko Tower Fan

Cleaning of the tower fan is a must for its long life and proper functioning. But before cleaning tower fan you must know what type of fan do you own. There are several types of Lasko tower fans including pedestal, window, blower, etc. Here we’ll discuss the cleaning of a Lasko tower fan.

  • First and foremost thing to do before beginning cleaning is to unplug the unit. Do not take any type of risk.
  • Now grab the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner and gently clean the area from where the air goes in and comes out.
  • Do this every 2-3 weeks to keep getting fresh air.
  • Some units comprise of clip-on filters that are very easy to clean. Simply take them off, dust it and place it on the unit again.

It hardly takes 10 minutes to clean any Lasko tower fan thoroughly. Plus, it is extremely easy to perform the cleaning process.

What is a Fresh Air Ionizer on a Fan?

‘Air ionizer’ or ‘ionizer mode’ simply emits negative ions. This process helps to improve the quality of air by trapping tiny air pollutants such as dust, mold, allergens, etc. And benefits a lot to people having air allergies. In addition, it also reduces static electricity. So to help people breath better air we have included Lasko T42950 Wind Curve Tower Fan which is both good in looks and durability.

Is Tower Fan Better Than A Normal fan?

Buyers usually have such type of question in mind which is very obvious. No one wants to invest in products that are not worth buying. So what makes a tower fan different from a normal fan? Or what are benefits of tower fan over a regular fan? Both types of fan have their own advantages. And here we’ll discuss what makes a tower fan better than a normal fan.

  • Tower fans are highly portable. Credit goes to their design, shape, and lightweight that makes it easy for anyone to move it from one place to another. Many of the units even comprise built-in carry handles for easy transportation.
  • You get many different types of shapes and sizes to match it according to your room size. So, therefore, you can select the best unit accordingly.
  • Bladeless tower fans are best for people having kids or pets in their home. Not only does it supply air powerfully but also protects your loved ones from unfortunate accidents.
  • Some units comprise of ionizer mode that helps in improving air quality. This option is not available with regular fans.
  • Most of the tower fans feature timer settings that automatically switch off unit after timer gets over. This way you do not have to wake up in between sleep just to turn off the device.
  • A tower fan with remote control allows you to change settings from a good distance.

What is the best tower fan?

The best tower fan is the unit that fulfills all your needs. But most importantly, it should throw air at a good rate so as to keep your body sweat-free during summers. In our opinion, Lasko 4930 Oscillating tower fan is perfect if you seek all decent functions. It features 3 quiet speed along with widespread oscillation. Also, its curve design and color combination blends with almost any type of interior. Plus there’s an option of ionizer mode to keep away allergens from the air. And above all the price of the product is under budget.

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5 months ago

Thanks for the honest review. I bought the AC615 for my baby girl’s nursery a couple of weeks ago after researching and finding this review and I am so happy I did. It’s more quiet than I expected and keep the fan on during all her sleeps and haven’t had any issue with the remote. It’s good to know when she’s older and crawling that I won’t have to worry about her fingers getting caught.