Top 5 Best Oster Food Processor in 2021 (Review + Buying Guide)

Best Oster Food Processor

Last Updated on December 25, 2020

A food processor is no less than a blessing for people who get very less amount of time to prepare food. They are the first choice of busy parents who love to cook a meal at home for their children. This versatile device can perform blending, chopping, slicing, shredding, etc in minutes. Thus, it allows you to carry out different kitchen activities while your food gets prepared for further cooking. This way you can finish multiple tasks in a short span of time. No wonder why they are becoming so popular.

One such popular brand name among the food processor is Oster. Oster food processors are budget-friendly as well as works excellently. So you might want to consider such a brand if you’re buying a food processing machine for the first time. Similar to the majority of popular food processor brands such as Cuisinart, Breville, and Hamilton Beach, Oster also offers the same features. However, it has a lower price tag compared to other popular brands. And this makes it an excellent product for people willing to have the best food processor under budget.

Many people often confuse the difference between the working of a food processor and blender. However, it does work as a blender but is a lot different from a blender. For example, it can effectively chop vegetables and fruits without completely meshing them. Also, they are helpful in preparing the dough to make a pizza base or other bakery items. There are a lot of other qualities apart from these which makes them worth buying.

Speaking of safety, a food processor is a lot safer than chopping or shredding veggies or fruits manually(1). In addition, a large container holds a good quantity of food which makes the cooking process a lot more easier. So say hello to a whole new method of preparing food by buying yourself the best Oster food processor. Our review list contains 5 different types of food processors to help to select the perfect one.

5 Best Food Processors By Oster 2021 – Comparison Table

Oster Pro 12008 Cups1200 Watts
Oster BLSTBC4129 3 Cups1000 Watts
Oster Total Prep10 Cups500 Watts
Oster Oskar 2-in-14 Cups400 Watts
Oster Designed14 Cups550 Watts

1. Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Professional Tritan Jar and Food Processor Attachment

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This heavy-duty food processor from Oster will be your perfect meal preparation partner. Thanks to its 1200 watts of power with 900 watts of ice crushing power. There is a list of things you can perform with such great power watts. From slicing soft tomatoes to grating hard potatoes, Oster PRO 1200 can do a variety of things. Besides precision chopping, the motor of Oster 1200 is powerful enough to crush ice. Therefore, you can enjoy restaurant-like chilled beverages right at home.

Oster provides 2 cups for preparing different types of food. A BPA-free 8 cup Tritan plastic jar can hold up to 8 cups of veggies or fruits. Whereas, an extra-wide 3.5-inch tall jar allows for food items to reach the blade easily. While one is great for preparing smoothies or blending process, the small cup is ideal for chopping and dicing vegetables. Both the cups are transparent and allows you to see the ongoing process. Also, the blender jar made of hard plastic is safe to place inside the top rack of a dishwasher.

To further ease things for you, Oster food processor 1200 features 3 pre-programmed settings. These settings are helpful in making milkshakes, smoothie, and salsa. Further, you can control the speed of blending with the help of pulse rate. The pulse rate comprises of 3 basic blending speed, low, medium and high. Therefore, a simple press of a button will make your food processor recipe just as you wish.


  • Dual direction technology of blades precisely chops, grinds, and grates
  • 3 pre-programmed functions prepare delicious salsa, milkshakes, frozen smoothies, etc in no time
  • You can control the speed of blending using its 3 pulse mode
  • In total, the motor offers 1200 power watts with ice crushing power of 900 watts
  • Features 7 different speeds for grating, shredding, and chopping
  • The BPA-free, 8-cup Tritan jar is sturdy as well as dishwasher safe
  • Opening of chute measures 2-1/2 inch by 1-1/8 inches which are wide enough to fit most of the veggies
  • Backed by 10-year limited warranty with a 3-year warranty on blender against manufacturing defects


  • None

2. Oster BLSTBC4129 Kitchen Center Beehive Blender

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The all-metal drive system of this Oster food processor is not only powerful in performance but great in looks too. And by all-metal, it means the system’s two connecting pieces feature durable metal construction instead of plastic. This sturdy construction of unit results in durability as well as excellent output. Whereas, classic beehive shape of product easily mixes with the majority of kitchen styles. So now you can get your work done both fast and in style with Oster blstbc4129 heavy-duty food processor grinder.

With Oster blstbc4129 you get the benefit of using different blades under a budget-friendly price tag. From making soft chilled summer drinks to blending frozen malts, you can do lot more things. Thanks to its 5-cup stainless steel blending jar that maintains a cold surface temperature as well as blends every item thoroughly without damaging surface. Besides that, you get a 5-cup glass jar that is perfect for making soft drinks such as smoothies, fruit juice, etc. Also, it is completely safe to place the glass jar inside the dishwasher.

Along with 2 5-cup jars, comes a 1-cup mini blend jar. This small transparent jar is ideal for making syrups, salad dressing, baby food, etc. In addition, it features a side handle and drip-free spout to lift and pour item inside comfortably. Also, let us not forget about its 3-cup capacity transparent jar with an S-shape blade. Such shape of blade effectively chops, mixes and minces vegetables. Hence, you can give chef-like dressing to your meals in minutes with the help of Oster blstbc4129 powerful yet cheap food processor.


  • Beehive shape of the unit looks beautiful as well as occupies less space on the kitchen countertop
  • You get two 5-cup blending jars, one 3-cup work bowl, and a 1-cup mini-blend jar
  • A powerful 600-watt motor blender with 3-speed dial offers versatile blending
  • The all-metal drive system is the reason behind Oster’s high durability and powerful performance
  • Metal cup is great for grinding nuts like almonds, walnuts, etc
  • Markings on glass cups help to make perfect restaurant-like dishes
  • It is extremely easy to control the speed using dial knob


  • Crushing of ice is not up to the mark

3. Oster Total Prep 10-Cup Food Processor with Dough Blade Small Appliances

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If you love preparing pizza at home for your loved ones then here’s a perfect product for you. Oster total prep 10 cup food processor with dough blade will make dough for you just fine. All you need to do is, pour the right amount of flour with water and watch your dough in making. Sounds so relaxing right? You’ll get perfect base dough for your pizza without making your hands dirty. But wait, Oster total prep can do much more things other than making a dough.

This small food processor includes an S-shaped blade and a reversible stainless-steel disk. While S-shape blade finely chops onions and other such vegetables, the reversible stainless-steel disk enables slicing and shredding. So in short, you can do all basic processing with this little yet powerful machine. And above all, the price of the product is not too high to dig a hole in your pocket. You can get a decent working machine without compromising on other monthly expenses.

The 500-watt motor can chop onions, cucumber, capsicum, etc without any hassle. However, the motor is not much powerful to crush ice. Crushing ice might damage the motor or surface of the plastic container. Otherwise, it is very easy to use machine due to its simple controls. Even teenagers can use this device to prepare tasty meals. So overall, it is a user-friendly device with all basic functionalities.


  • 10-cup quantity is good enough for a family of 4
  • The plastic container is safe to place inside the dishwasher
  • Dough blade makes perfect pizza, cookie and dinner bun’s base
  • A reversible stainless-steel disk shreds and slices vegetables precisely
  • Multiple functions allow you to make various new food processor recipes
  • Comprises of a continuous feed chute that handles whole ingredients


  • Not suitable to crush ice
  • Mostly plastic which questions its durability(if you crush ice)

4. Oster Oskar 2-in-1 Salad Prep & Food Processor Review

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Fan of fancy salads? But cannot make a restaurant like salad bowl at home? Then here comes the perfect solution for your salad cravings. The Oster Oskar 2-in-1 salad maker and food processor is great for making healthy veggie bowls. Thanks to its sharp blades that slide, shred, chop and puree ingredients with ease. So apart from slicing veggies, you can also make salad dressing. Therefore, you can enjoy dinner like salad right at your home and that too under budget.

The 4-cup capacity of this Oster small food processor is ideal for 2 people. Moreover, you get a stainless steel chopper blade free along the main unit to make baby food and sauces. Both the containers are BPA-free and are of food grade quality. Thus, you can prepare food for kids without worrying about the side effects of the plastic container. And just like the above models of Oster, a plastic jar of this Oster unit is also safe to wash using a dishwasher.

Weight of the product is roughly around 6.65 pounds which makes it portable. You can easily carry the unit along with you on camping or tailgating. However, it does not have a very powerful motor due to its compact size. The mini food processor has a 400-watt motor which is fine to do all basic food processing activities. Apart from that, its half-to-full pusher allows you to glide vegetables that smoothly falls out in your salad bowl.


  • It is a 2-in-1 machine that works like a food processor and salad maker
  • The plastic containers are easy to wash inside dishwasher as well as are BPA-free
  • Includes a stainless steel chopper to create delicious salsa, puree and baby food
  • A convenient drizzle hole on top makes it easy to add liquids without removing the lid
  • Its half-to-full pusher allows adding thin and thick veggies directly into a bowl
  • Great machine to make salads and to add dressing to meals


  • Motor is not powerful enough to prepare dough or crush ice
  • Turning the unit on/off might be troublesome as it does not have a switch for the same

5. Oster 14-Cup Food Processor – Full Size

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If small space of kitchen countertop is stopping you from buying your best food processor then last on the list we have a mini yet powerful unit which is perfect for small spaces. Brilliantly designed, this Oster food processing machine takes up less storage space which makes it perfect for RV, boat, and dorms. In spite of its small size, Oster fpstfp5273-dfl features a 14-cup food processor. Such a great capacity is ideal to prepare food for up to 5 persons. Within no time you can prepare delicious recipes for your guests.

The simple design of Oster fpstfp5273-dfl is convenient for people to use. Credit goes to its controls on the front panel with simple buttons and markings over it. These controls include on/off button, chop, shred and pulse buttons. All you need to do is, select an appropriate container, place your favorite veggie and select mode. Watch the vegetable shred or slice perfectly in under a minute. Now you’re all ready to dress it over a meal.

Oster comes with 3 blades with each one having different functions. And let us not forget to mention its stainless steel blade which can be used as both, slicer and shredder. Furthermore, its anti-skid legs keep the large food processor in place while you chop and grate ingredients. So one sure thing with this device is you’ll never get tired to make new recipes for your friends and family.


  • The 14-cup capacity of the unit is suitable for medium size families
  • Anti-skid legs on the bottom prevent movement of device while you’re using it
  • Capacity of the motor allows you to chop, grind and slice almost all fruits and vegetables
  • Simple control of this unit makes it one of the most user-friendly food processors by Oster
  • Containers are very easy to fit and wash
  • Includes a small container which is perfect for chopping and slicing vegetables
  • The brand comes with a 5-year satisfaction guarantee


  • Not ideal for grinding frozen foods or ice
  • Blades stay a bit high which sometimes results in uneven processing of food

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Can You Get Oster Food Processor Replacement Parts and Attachments Online?

Oster Food Processor Blender

Yes, It is very easy to find replacement parts for Oster food processors online. You can get from Amazon or simply walk to your nearby Walmart or target store.

While buying any food processor you must check availability of its parts. The reason behind so is, you do not want to throw away the whole unit just because of the failure of a single part. So it is important to look for a good quality device.

Most of the food processor replacement parts are inexpensive. Their cost nearly 1/4 of the original price of the device or even less. But again, you must check whether the parts are easily available or not. To be safe, choose a unit that includes extra accessories so that you can replace it immediately in case one stops working.

Here in our Oster food processor reviews, we have mentioned all different types of models. Therefore, making it easy for you to get the best food processor according to your needs and size of the family. One last thing to look for before buying a unit is it’s built up quality and sharpness of blade besides accessories and replacement parts. As blades determine the quality of cuts, shreds, grates, and other processor activities. is reader-supported and a part of the Amazon Affiliates Program. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read our disclosure for more information.

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