11 Best Platform Bed with Storage in 2021 (Reviews + Buyer Guide)

Best Platform Beds With Storage Review

Last Updated on April 21, 2021

If you live in a tiny house or apartment or you are having space management issues at your home then you must give a try to a platform bed with storage or drawers. But what is so special about storage beds? And what makes them different from others? Let us first understand what are platform beds actually. Generally, they are made from a wood frame and have a rectangular shape with horizontal wooden slats on top.

These wooden slats are so solid that you can place heavy, plushy memory foam mattress over it. You do not even need to buy a bulky spring box with storage beds. And in addition, they offer great storage space beneath the frame wherein you can keep all relative stuff.

In case you do not wish to have a storage area, you can simply opt for platform bed frames. With or without storage, you get tons of choices for bed frames to match it with your bedroom decor.

But with so many options available on how to pick the one perfect product? No to worry as we are here to help you buy the best platform storage bed for your room. These additional features of storage are perfect to keep extra sheets, pillows, mattress toppers, and comforter. It also eliminates the need for buying an extra piece of furniture just to store things.

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Best Storage Platform Bed – Reviews

1. DHP Cambridge Upholstered Linen Platform Bed with Under Bed Storage

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Add a touch of elegance to your bedroom by placing DHP Cambridge linen platform bed. Let not the style of unit confuse with its price as it is not too heavy on your pocket. In fact, you get a sturdily built and stylish piece of furniture that looks beautiful in your modern bedroom. The credit behind it goes to tuft design on footboard and headboard. It makes look unit expensive than its actual price tag.

Apart from great looks, it features solid construction. The wooden slats are strong enough to lift up to 450 lbs(full) and 600 lbs(queen). Ans that hidden storage space beneath bed is just cherry on the cake. The gas-lift mechanism lifts up the entire wooden slat frame and offers space about a foot deep. Hence, which is perfect for storing clothes, suitcases, and rugs.

Assembly of the product is time-consuming. This is because of its shape and exterior. It will take you nearly 3-4 hours to put everything together properly. But once you finish assembly, you’ll see your efforts were not gone in vain.

Why we like it:
  • Gas-lift mechanism eases access to hidden storage space beneath wooden slats
  • Tuft design on headboard and footboard
  • Pull strap at foot of frame helps to pull up and push down frame with minimal effort
  • Space on the bottom is so big to store quilts, bed sheets, comforter, etc
  • Available in 2 modest colors, black and gray linen
  • It does not make any squeaky noise while going in and coming out
  • DHP offers a 1-year limited manufacturers warranty

2. Prepac Full Mate’s Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers

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Drawers are perfect to keep everything sorted. And if you’re among those people who need drawers for the perfect placing of items then this product is just for you. Unlike flat storage space, Prepac full-size storage bed features 6 drawers with 3 on each side. Measuring 18-inches deep, they are perfect for storing bed sheets, books, emergency kit, etc. Metal runners help them to slide in and out easily.

Assembling the product is very easy due to the absence of headboard and footboard. But you can buy them separately in case you wish to have one. Moreover, wooden construction of the unit is sturdy to hold on a thick memory foam mattress. But speaking of wood, it is not actually solid wood but composite wood. But not to worry about its durability as Prepac offers a 5-year limited warranty on parts. So you’ll have an affordable platform bed with easily accessible drawers on sides.

Why we like it:
  • 8 slats of wood positioned lengthwise help in even distribution of body weight
  • You get a total of six 18-inch deep drawers, 3 on each side
  • Built-in safety stops ensure drawers does not come off completely
  • Manufactured in Canada and meets all North American safety standards
  • Instruction booklet with straightforward steps eases assembling process
  • Slat support system eliminates the need of box spring
  • High-quality materials of furniture will not crack away easily

3. DHP Rose Upholstered Queen Storage Bed

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Cushy headboard makes you feel more comfortable while you’re watching TV from your bed. And if sleeping isn’t the only thing you do on the bed then you might love to have a headboard. So here comes DHP rose upholstery bed with storage space. Not only does it add a touch of modesty in your room but offers ample storage area. Also, the upholstered back, front and sides are available in numerous colors to match it perfectly with your room’s interior.

This queen platform bed comprises of a total of 4 drawers. With 2 drawers on each side, four caster wheels on each of them help in smooth gliding. Whereas, 24 wooden slats with bentwood support system do not require a box spring. In fact, center legs provide extra support to the entire frame as well as distributes weight evenly. As a result, it holds a mattress perfectly in place and provides superior comfort.

Why we like it:
  • Tufted design on headboard and footboard matches with most of the modern room styles
  • Bentwood slat support system comprises of 24 curved wooden slats
  • You get 10 different color choices
  • Caster wheels on the bottom of drawers are responsible for smooth gliding
  • Queen and king size can handle up to 500 lbs of weight
  • It is a durable, comfy and stylish platform bed under $500

4. DHP Dakota Upholstered Storage Bed with Drawers – White Faux Leather

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Small space of room does not mean you should settle for some boring, space-saving piece of furniture. If you really love doing the interior of your room then complete it with DHP Dakota upholstered storage bed. Besides leaving your room more beautiful, the full size of the unit will not occupy much floor space. In short, it is the best choice for people who seeks a beautiful unit that fits perfectly in small rooms.

In addition to space-saving design, this DHP platform bed comprises of 4 built-in drawers. These drawers, 2 on each side, are perfect for storing bedding stuff. They equally help in saving space by eliminating a need to buy an extra piece of furniture. Apart from sturdy wooden construction, DHP includes metal side rails, center metal rails and additional metal legs for maximum stability. Therefore, you can place a heavy mattress of your choice without having to worry about bending or cracking of unit.

Why we like it:
  • Button-tufted diamond detailing goes easily with contemporary and modern room decors
  • Wooden slat system ensures good air circulation so that your mattress does not heat up too much
  • Built-in drawers on sides provide space for storing bedding essentials
  • It is one of the best platform beds with storage under $400
  • Sleek size of the product help to save a lot of floor space
  • Wood in combination with metal accounts for superior stability of the unit

5. Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed with Drawers (Queen Size)

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The cozy feel of the morning bed is hard to leave. No wonder why many people prefer reading and working from their beds. But the problem arises when you do not have enough space in your room to store stuff. But space is now no more an issue with Memomad smartly designed platform storage bed. It provides so many storage options that you can easily store all your stuff. And by that we mean, it comprises of 6 drawers, 4 shelves, 2 compartments, and 2 pullout shelves.

Each compartment and shelf has a synthetic leather strap on it through which you can access them easily. The pull out shelves on sides are perfect for keeping coffee mugs or alarm clock. Plus, you can push them inside if not needed. However, it does not comprise of headboard or footboard. But it does prove plenty of storage space that you can use to store almost anything. In short, nothing can beat the style and storage capacity of this product.

Why we like it:
  • Bed bases of solid pine wood support the entire structure of the bed
  • All edges are rounded for user-safety
  • Pullout shelf is perfect for placing coffee mugs, books, cellphone, charger, etc
  • Stands quite high from the ground
  • In total, it comprises of 6 drawers and 4 shelves which are more than enough to store your expensive clothes
  • Queen size storage bed comes in caramel and white color
  • Extra space under slatted base is ideal to store suitcases and duffel bags

6. DHP Maven Full-Size Bed with Upholstered Faux Leather and Under Bed Storage

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No need to sleep on the couch anymore as you can now get a high-quality product at the same price. Yes, DHP maven platform bed with an inexpensive price tag is perfect for people struggling with a tight budget. But do not let the word ‘ inexpensive’ fool you with its quality. In spite of being a cheap storage bed, it offers superior quality construction. The reason behind such sturdiness of this bed goes to its bentwood slat system.

This bentwood slat system helps to keep your mattress fresh and prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Good circulation of air between slats and bottom also keeps the mattress cool. In addition, curved slats provide excellent back support as well as distributes weight evenly across the surface. As a result, you feel strong support and great comfort as soon as you layover. Its minimalist design with clean lines compliments most of the modern room styles.

Why we like it:


  • The simple, space-saving design of DHP maven is suitable for small apartments or condos
  • The black faux leather finish goes well with the interior of a bedroom
  • Low profile design makes it ideal to use for teenagers
  • While slats provide strength, the metal center leg ensures the stability of the unit
  • High-quality materials and easy assembly makes the product worth money
  • Roll out drawers are deep enough to store your favorite collection of pillows

7. Mellow Modern Upholstered Beds with Headboard and Bedside Storage

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Read your favorite book comfortably by resting your head on Mellow’s cushy headboard. Its 2-inch high-density foam cushion on the back is great to do multiple activities comfortable right in your bed. Whereas, headboard’s wingback design adds more points to its comfort level. Queen size measuring 87.4″ X 65″ X 44.9″ is perfect for couples seeking ultimate comfort. This unit undoubtedly mixes with contemporary or modern bedroom decors.

But unlike the majority of platform storage beds on the list, this model offers a different type of storage. In spite of drawers or shelves, Mellow includes an ottoman bench. This tufted ottoman bench serves a dual purpose of sitting and storage. Just lift the seat of the bench to access the storage area. While space is good to store like 4-5 pillows, it is not spacious enough to store a lot of stuff.

Why we like it:
  • Cushioned headboard provides ultimate comfort
  • Wingback design of headboard looks classy as well as is luxurious
  • An ottoman bench is ideal to sit and store bedding stuff beneath the seating area
  • Wooden slats do not require box spring to provide stable support
  • Premium linen-blend upholstery comes in blue, beige and gray color
  • You can store suitcases and bags measuring 7 inches or less underneath the base

8. South Shore Step One King Platform Bed with 2 Drawers

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The chocolate color of the South Shore king size platform bed acts as a neutral base to complement any color scheme. While its simple design eases putting it together. If your routine schedule is too busy and you rarely get time for other activities then this unit might save your time. Due to its minimalist design, it is very to assemble. Also, it does not come with a headboard or footboard which further saves your time.

Two large hidden storage drawers beneath the sturdy base slide in and out smoothly. Apart from that, the unit is eco-friendly. It is made in Canada with certified environmentally preferred laminated particle panels. Even the top surface of the platform bed is laminated. Thus, it is beneficial both for the environment and your pocket. Thanks to its budget-friendly price tag and quality construction.

Why we like it:
  • Assembly will not take much time due to its minimalist design
  • 2 large drawers on the side are sufficient to store pillows, quilt, and comforter
  • Laminated wood is environment-friendly as well as safe for users
  • South shore king storage bed is backed by a full 5-year limited warranty
  • Just wipe clean surface with a dry cloth in case it gets dusty
  • Comes in 3 basic colors, chocolate, black and white

9. Novogratz Kelly Queen Storage Bed

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Parents of newborns seek a lot of storage space. Obviously, because there are tons of items related to a newborn which they need daily. And if you’re about to welcome a child in your room then it is best to go for a good quality platform bed with lots of storage space before you get a toddler bed for your child. So we have Novogratz Kelly queen size unit that offers ample of space beneath its bentwood slat support system.

Thanks to its 4 large drawers which are perfect to store diapers, clothes, stuff toys, and other bedding items. These drawers roll out easily so that you can place and grab items in a snap. And do not worry they will not come off completely even if you pull them out in a rush as they comprise of stop system. This system stops the drawer from sliding further when it reaches to end. On the other hand, its long headboard upholstered in linen looks modest and stylish.

Why we like it:
  • Perfect unit for people looking for plenty of storage space
  • Modern design in a silhouette with clean lines upholstered in linen compliments modern decors
  • No need to buy box spring as its support system is enough to handle the weight of a mattress
  • Modest yet simple design eases the assembly process
  • Use of quality materials makes it an excellent platform storage beds under $400
  • Available in various size besides the queen size

10. South Shore Twin Platform Bed with 3 Drawers for Kids

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People living in condos or dorm rooms do not get huge floor space. And for them, it is no less than a challenge to find good furniture under budget that takes up less space. So on the list comes another South Shore platform bed with storage space. Twin size of the bed is perfect for small areas. They are also a great choice for a kids room and guest room. But wait, space-saving design isn’t the only worthy feature of the unit.

Just like every other product on the list, South Shore Prairie collection also offers storage space. But instead of click open and close, drawers comprise of metal pull. This style adds vintage charm to any room and looks great even after years of use. Also, the country pine finish of the unit goes well with almost all interiors. So conclusively, it is a space-saving platform bed with an antique touch.

Why we like it:
  • Low cost of the product makes it stand as one of the best storage bed under $200
  • It features metal pull on drawers instead of click system
  • Country pine color is neutral as well as looks fantastic even after several years of use
  • Frames are easy to put together
  • Backed by 5-year limited warranty
  • You can set the unit close to the wall as all 3 storage drawers are on a single side

11. Queen Select 4-Post Platform Bed with 4 Drawers

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Store your Christmas bedding stuff right beneath this queen size platform bed. There are people who love decorating their rooms during the festive season. They look for festive pillow covers, quilts, weighted adult blankets, and the list goes on. But the problem arises when you cannot find enough space to store all the stuff. But leave all your storage worries to Prepac as it comprises of 4 large drawers.

Each one of them offers ample of space wherein you can store a large number of bedding items. Plus, they slide out easily and lock right into place. Moreover, the queen size of this storage bed comfortably fits 2 persons. Thanks to its sturdy wooden slat system over which you can directly place a comfy memory foam mattress. Do not worry about the unit being wobbly as the custom hardware keeps it steady. However, it does not include headboard and footboard which might not be the first choice of interior lovers. But you can buy a matching one separately.

Why we like it:
  • Comes in 4 beautiful colors, black, white, espresso and gray
  • Flat wooden slat system does not need box spring
  • Custom hardware helps in proper alignment and steadiness of the unit
  • Large drawers, 2 on each side provides ample storage space
  • Offers 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on parts

What Is a Platform Bed?

Platform beds are one of the most popular bed types that do not require the extra support of a box spring to hold your mattress. It also does not need any mattress foundation. In case if you want to raise the height of your bed then its fine to use a mattress foundation of the frame(1).

Generally, platform bed types are low in height and come with storage spaces. Because of the storage bed features, they are widely popular in urban areas as they save precious floor space and money.

Are beds with storage comfortable?

Carpenter or woodworker is going to use more wood and stability functionalities in the making of a storage bed frames that provides better foot stability and gives you extra closet space.

They are very comfortable to sleep on and does not make quaking sound due to single low ground frames.

Why You Should Have a Storage Bed?

Crowding cities and limited space is the reason why people prefer small apartments or tiny houses to save money. As living in a large house downtown is not affordable for most people having a storage platform bed can really solve limited bedroom space problems.

You can store your winter quilts, winter clothes, extra pillow, or your washed clothes in such storage drawers. Most storage beds offer multiple drawers that can be used to store extra bedsheets or mattress toppers. In nutshell, having extra storage space in hand is always beneficial.

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If you face some serious storage issues and do not want your bedroom to look like a mess then it is better to go for a platform bed with storage space. These units look stylish and offer plenty of space to store all your valuable stuff. Not only will your room look tidier but you will save money from buying an extra piece of furniture.

And interestingly, storage beds come in various styles and sizes. So you can choose a perfect product according to your taste. From modern to antique, we have included almost all types and size of platform beds. Now it is your time to give a new look to your bedroom by placing a stylish and durable product.

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