Top 10 Best Suncast Storage Shed To Buy in 2021 (with Pictures)

Last Updated on April 17, 2021

Store all your expensive products smartly with Suncast storage shed. These sheds are best for outdoor use, to store gardening or landscaping stuff. But you can store more than just accessories with large storage shed. And here we are with our review of best Suncast storage sheds to help to organize outdoor stuff better.

So why did we choose Suncast out of all storage shed brands available in the market? No doubt, there are some products that perform best than Suncast and some are just not worth buying. But Suncast sheds holds some great properties which makes them special. Also, the brand is well known for making various successful outdoor products like patio furniture, hose reels, etc.

With years of experience and quality craftsmanship, Suncast holds a special name when it comes to outdoor storage sheds. You’ll come across different types of storage sheds in below reviews. And we have made our best efforts to help you get the best product for your backyard.

Best Suncast Storage Shed Comparison Table 2021

Suncast Tremont BMS81008x10574 cu.ft. Check Price
Suncast BMS47006X4.570 cu.ft. Check Price
Suncast Tremont BMS87008x7378 cu.ft. Check Price
Suncast Glidetop5x698 cu.ft. Check Price
Suncast BMS25002x534 cu.ft. Check Price
Suncast BMS34003x434 cu.ft. Check Price
Suncast BMS25007x4171 cu.ft. Check Price
Suncast Everett 6x8306 cu.ft. Check Price
Suncast Cascade7x7322 cu.ft. Check Price
Suncast BMS32003x232 cu.ft. Check Price

Now as you have gone through the table, here are the detailed reviews.

1. Suncast 8′ x 10′ Tremont Storage Shed

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If you are running out of space and have a lot of stuff to store then Suncast 8×10 storage shed is the solution. With a large footprint of 8×10, there’s space for everything. Be it small garden tools or large products like generator, this Tremont shed offers enormous space. And thanks to its multi-wall panels that protect items inside from harsh weather conditions. Along with protecting stuff, these resin walls provide strength and stability to the entire unit.

While durable walls are resistant to weather, Suncast’s reinforced floor offers solid strength. The floor is so strong to hold the weight of mowing tractor and other heavier items. So none of your costly items have to stay outside during sun, snow or rainy season. Furthermore, resin walls are easy to and do not rot or rust like metal storage sheds. In fact, the resin wall over the roof is reinforced with a metal truss system which provides superior strength. Thus, it is strong enough not to blow away during high winds up to 65 mph.

No need to attach lights inside the shed as Suncast Tremont storage shed features skylights. Total of 6 skylights on top along with windows on the door provides natural light during the daytime to make you see things clearly. Moreover, the large door opening ensures easy storage and access to items. In fact, you can lock the door using a padlock to keep all your belongings safe. This 8×10 storage shed is a perfect solution for people with large backyard.

Key Features
  • 574 cu.ft. storage capacity
  • Measures 8×10 feet
  • Resin multi-wall panels
  • Reinforced floor
  • 6 skylights
  • Window on door
  • Lockable door
  • All-weather construction
  • 2 corner shelves

2. Suncast Stow-Away Horizontal Storage Shed – 70 Cubic Feet Capacity for Garbage Cans, Tools and Garden Accessories

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You might not need a large unit if there are limited accessories to store. Also, if you have less backyard space then a medium size unit will do your work. And this Suncast BMS4700 shed is perfect for your medium size backyard. It will not acquire much space as well as store your essentials safely. Thanks to its low-profile design which makes it ideal for placement on the side of house, patio or under a fence line. Whereas, opening from top eases access to stuff inside.

The gas shock makes it easy for the user to open and close the lid. In fact, it stays open even if there is no support on the back. Besides that, durable resin storage shed from Suncast is engineered to last longer. Credit goes to resin walls that are both sturdy and easy to clean. This all-weather construction provides water resistance and UV protection. So no matter how the weather is outside, all your items will remain dry inside. Plus, you can also lock the door to prevent theft.

Key Features
  • 70 cubic feet capacity
  • Multi-wall resin panels
  • Gas shock mechanism
  • UV protection
  • Water-resistant exterior
  • 3-door locking system
  • Low-profile

3. Suncast 8′ x 7′ Tremont Storage Shed with Windows

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Store stuff in style with Suncast 8×7 feet storage shed with windows. This beautiful looking unit will definitely enhance the beauty of your backyard. Cream color along with shingle style roof is perfect for people who care a lot about product’s exterior. But good looks aren’t the only appreciative quality of this Suncast shed. It has a lot more to offer. This particular unit is perfect for storing long-handled tools, ladders, and heavy equipment. Durable multi-wall panels result in the outstanding performance of the unit.

8’x7′ size of the product will not take up a lot of space. However, it might not fit a number of large accessories but it provides enough room for storage. You can fit planters, snow blower, ladder, string trimmer, mower and still have space for other tools. Whereas, Suncast BMS8700 includes 2 side shelves that are perfect for keeping small items such as watering can, gloves, garden scissors, etc. And a series of skylights lets you have a clear view of items present inside shed during the daytime. Backed by a 10-year warranty, this is one of the best plastic storage shed to buy.

Key Features
  • 378 cu.ft. capacity
  • Measures 8’x7′
  • Multi-wall panels
  • Large double doors
  • Easy-bolt technology
  • 4 skylights
  • 2 corner shelves
  • Padlock hasp
  • 10-year warranty

4. Suncast Glidetop Slide Lid Shed – Outdoor Storage Shed with Walk-In Access for Backyards

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Accessing items from the top of a horizontal unit is difficult for people suffering from back pain. Even elderly people find it hard to lift heavy items stored inside a unit that opens only from the top. But now accessing items is no longer difficult with Suncast glide top outdoor storage shed. This horizontal shape unit opens in 2 ways. You can either glide top away or use front doors to store items. Such design eases storage as you do not have to lift heavy items every time you want to store them.

The product measures 80 x 58 x 52 inches which are good to store small to medium size accessories. You can keep dump cart, folding chairs, bucket, planters, and a bike. Similar to the above units the reviews list, this Suncast portable storage shed also features resin walls. These walls resist weather outside and protect contents inside as well as keeps them dry. In fact, the glide roof is a little bit out from all the sides which prevents rainwater and snow from entering in.

Key Features
  • 98 cubic feet capacity
  • Durable resin walls
  • Sliding lid
  • Full-open doors
  • 3-door locking system
  • Reinforced sturdy floor
  • Easy assembly
  • Low-profile
  • 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects

5. Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed – Vanilla and Stoney

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Certain items such as firewood, garden sand, and metal tools need proper storage space. This is because they will get unusable as soon as they come in contact with water. If not unusable, there are high chances of metal tools catching rust due to moisture. So store your costly firewood inside Suncast horizontal outdoor storage shed and prevent the wood from getting wet and unusable. Thanks to all-weather construction of BMS2500 that prevents water from going inside. Thus, keeps your stuff dry for future use.

Assembling this Suncast unit is no big deal. Big walls are easy to put together with minimal tools. Also, the handy easy-bolt technology equally helps to assemble unit fast. You can take help from your friend to speed up the assembly process. Apart from that, sturdy resin walls of the unit are easy to clean and maintain. You can pressure wash it in case dirt or dust accumulates over the surface. Therefore, it is an excellent plastic outdoor storage shed with low maintenance and high durability.

Key Features
  • 34 cu.ft. capacity
  • Durable resin panels
  • Easy-lift lid with prop rod
  • Three-door locking system
  • Lower latch
  • 2 metal hinges
  • Low profile

6. Suncast BMS3400 Horizontal Shed

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If you need a color variation in the above Suncast shed then BMS3400 is a perfect fit. Its light brown color will go with all kind of garden set up.

Many people have reported this unit a better color combination choice than the Vanilla and stone combination.

If you already have CBMSA8S unit then you won’t have to worry about its assembly or anything else as MBS3400 is compatible with Suncast Shed Accessory CBMSA8S.

Like the previously mentioned unit, it also features a padlock system that keeps your item safe and sound. It prevents your pet from opening it and spoiling the arrangement of the tool.

Thanks to its reinforced floor, no matter what type of home improvement tools and accessories you want to store, this Suncast shed can handle it all.

7. Suncast 7′ x 4′ Cascade Storage Shed – Outdoor Storage for Backyard Tools and Accessories

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Design of this Suncast bms2500 horizontal storage shed is such that it resembles much like a small home. And this 7’x4′ shed is perfect for storing your expensive tools and outdoor equipment. However, it is not a large outdoor storage shed that will fit in a number of items. But the unit is tall and wide enough to store costly belongings. It can keep a ladder, lawnmower, bike, and other tall tools and accessories. And thanks to the reinforced floor that does not crack on the placement of heavy items like generator or snow-blower.

This wall storage shed from Suncast is best to install besides wall or fence support. However, installing it alone might make it look odd due to its size and shape. Moreover, it does not have any skylights on top. But it does comprise large double door and windows on them that provides sufficient light to see items inside clearly. Plus, you can secure the stuff safely by using a padlock on the door. There’s even a stopper on bottom and top of one door to prevent it from sudden opening during windy days.

Key Features
  • 171 cu.ft. capacity
  • Measures 7′ x 4′
  • Durable double walls
  • Functional vents
  • Sturdy floor
  • Transom windows
  • Padlock hasp
  • Shingle style roof

8. Suncast 6′ x 8′ Everett Vertical Storage Shed – Outdoor Storage for Backyard Tools and Accessories

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Many people avoid buying a large unit due to assembly complications. But you do not need to worry about assembly with this Suncast 6’x8′ vertical storage shed. Clear instructions on manual help a lot to put its parts together. However, it will take a few hours but it is worth investing time once you’ll see the final results. While assembly is a breeze, the wood grain appearance of Suncast plastic shed is just fantastic. It beautifully blends with your outdoor style. Whereas, large floor capacity provides enough room to fit multiple items.

Apart from beautiful wood-like appearance, this vertical shed offers sturdy construction. The metal-reinforced shingle-style roof panels account for the stability of the entire unit. It withstands heavy snow loads and stays stable during high winds. Even the floor is so strong to keep a heavy-duty riding lawn mower. And you have the option to install hooks on the wall to hang tall garden accessories. Therefore, it is the best storage shed for the money in terms of durability, looks, and features.

Key Features
  • 306 cu.ft. capacity
  • Double-wall resin
  • Metal-reinforced roof
  • Lockable handles
  • Easy-bolt technology
  • 6 skylights
  • Proper ventilation
  • 10-year limited warranty

9. Suncast 7′ x 7′ Cascade Storage Shed – All-Weather Resin Material

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This Suncast 7×7 plastic storage shed is perfect for all of your storage requirement. This beautiful looking unit offers plenty of floor space to keep in your expensive stuff. Therefore, it is big enough to store a whole house generator, snow blower, ladder, and other tall gardening tools. Do not worry about cracking of resin floor as the reinforced floor can handle heavy weight easily. Plus, the doors open wide to access items inside of the shed.

Instead of skylights on top, Suncast BMS7790D features windows on sides. However, they do not brighten up space like skylights. But on the positive part, absence of skylight and shingle style roof does not let rainwater leak inside. As a result, all the items moist-free and odor-free. Speaking of the roof, the shingle roof is metal reinforced which adds strength to the entire structure. In addition, the material is UV-protected that will not fade away within a year of use.

Key Features
  • 322 cubic feet storage area
  • Metal reinforced shingle roof
  • Measures 7 by 7 feet
  • Metal handles
  • Windows on side
  • Wide doors with the lock option
  • 10-year limited warranty

10. Suncast BMS3200 Horizontal Storage Shed

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Our review list ends with Suncast BMS3200 horizontal storage shed. This small yet sturdy unit is perfect for keeping costly items that get damaged easily due to weather conditions. Thanks to its durable double-wall resin construction that protects the expensive stuff from sun, rain, snow, and wind. Furthermore, wood grain texture on exterior compliments of various outdoor styles. The compact size of the unit will not occupy much space. In spite of its small size, you can store a regular trash bin, a reel hose and still get space to fit in a garden sandbag.

No need to bend down and lift items in order to get them out of the shed. This horizontal storage shed offers convenient front opening and lifts lid with the prop rod. So, therefore, you can easily access heavy items without much bending or pulling. You can expand the storage area by placing a wood shelf in the middle. However, the shelf does not come included and you have to buy it separately. No matter what way you use, this Suncast resin storage shed is going to last for years.

Key Features
  • 32 cubic feet capacity
  • Blow-molded resin
  • Double-wall construction
  • Front & lift lid opening
  • Hasp locking mechanism
  • Reinforced floor
  • Shelf support
  • 10-year warranty

If you love being outside then you might like to try 10×10 canopy tents, or if you need more option in storage shed then also read our Rubbermaid reviews.


With Suncast storage sheds, you get a sturdy product with a reasonable price tag. Almost all of their units feature locking system to keep your items safe and secure. Whereas, durable walls ensure no water gets inside the shed. Thus, which helps in keeping your valuable items dry and ready to use at any time. Plus, they have a beautiful exterior that blends with your backyard. So organize your stuff with style by getting a Suncast storage shed today. is reader-supported and a part of the Amazon Affiliates Program. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read our disclosure for more information.

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